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29 03, 2013

Celiac Disease and Women

March 29th, 2013|SPRING - Adolescent Gynecology, SUMMER-Obstetrics & Gynecology, FALL - Perimenopausal, WINTER - Postmenopausal Years, Health, Featured Blog Entries|Comments Off on Celiac Disease and Women

Celiac disease or celiac sprue is a disease that was identified as early as 2nd century AD in present-day Turkey and the cause was unexplained until a Dutch pediatrician recognized an association between eating bread and cereals and relapsing diarrhea in his young patients during World War 2. Celiac disease causes malabsorption of the intestines which [...]

1 02, 2013

Dense Breasts in NY State

February 1st, 2013|SUMMER-Obstetrics & Gynecology, FALL - Perimenopausal, WINTER - Postmenopausal Years|Comments Off on Dense Breasts in NY State

We are referring to the new law signed by Governor Cuomo which requires all providers of mammography to inform women of dense breasts. Several other states also have this "dense breast" law. The letter must read: "Your mammogram shows that your breast tissue is dense. Dense breast tissue is very common and is not abnormal. [...]

11 01, 2013

Thinning bones

January 11th, 2013|WINTER - Postmenopausal Years|Comments Off on Thinning bones

Hi everyone! Now that the new year is upon us, and almost everyone has a New Year's resolution to lose weight and exercise more, let's talk about thinnning bones or osteopenia and osteoporosis. The image is an example of a DEXA scan. How are they related and why do we care about thinning bones? Between a [...]