Lisa-Midwife-cpLisa is poised and elegant, and she comes to Albany Obstetrics and Gynecology from an office in Schenectedy, New York.

AOG: What drew you to midwifery?

Lisa: My path to midwifery was revealed slowly, in layers, over a period of years. From being a women’s studies minor as an undergrad, to playing collegiate basketball, to coaching varsity girls basketball, and being a high school teacher, a common thread of education, empowerment, advocacy, and self-advocacy has always been present in my life. The path to midwifery did not become crystal clear until I experienced pregnancy and the birth of my first child.  That’s when I heard my calling.

AOG: What experiences have influenced you as a midwife?

Lisa: My greatest learning opportunities have come from my patients.  The resilience and strength of women and their families have profoundly impacted me throughout my career. I am additionally indebted to my physician, midwife, and nursing colleagues who have mentored me and shared their experience and wisdom.

AOG: What do you hope to achieve for your patients?

Lisa: My commitment is to create space where women feel safe, valued, and respected.  It’s in that space where women can begin to feel empowered.  It’s not so much what I hope to achieve for each patient, as it is how I can assist each patient in achieving her own goals-from birth plans to family planning, to any variety of health situations that occur over a lifetime.

AOG: What are areas of women’s healthcare that are near and dear to your heart?

Lisa: For me, the personal and the professional have come together in a very satisfying way.  Areas of women’s healthcare are always near and dear to my heart.  While prenatal care and attending births is what initially drew me to midwifery, I have come to love providing annual gynecological care.  It is profoundly gratifying to develop long relationships with women and to walk with them through the many stages of their lives.  I’ve also gained valuable experience with advanced gynecological procedures such as colposcopies , endometrial biopies, IUD placements and cryotherapy.  In the end, I feel that I am now exactly where I should be, doing what I love to do, with a sense of gratefulness and privilege.

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