Padi-Midwife-cpPadi is a vivacious young certified nurse midwife who comes to us from St. Peter’s Hospital.

AOG: What drew to midwifery?

Padi: As a nursing student, I found myself most attracted to caring for women and infants. When I finished with my nursing education, I began work in the neonatal intensive care unit of my local hospital. In this setting, I was often needed to attend high-risk births, and routinely care for premature neonates. I began to wonder how and why infants were born prematurely, and wondered if anything could make a difference. Prenatal care, incidentally, has an impact on the rate of premature delivery. I enjoyed going to labour and delivery for the births. I found that I wanted to be the once caring for the mothers. Birth is such a momentous, powerful, and beautifull occasion, and as a midwife, I get to participate.

AOG: What experiences have influenced your practice as a midwife?

Padi:: In my personal life, prior to becoming a midwife, my prenatal care and births were the midwives. I was attended to, listened to, and care for in a way that made my pregnancies and births feel honoured and important. I felt safe and confident with my midwives. My hope, as a midwife, is that I can provide the same care and attention that was given to me. My practice, of course, is also influenced by my training. I was fortunate to be trained by a Scottish midwife who had practiced in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, new Zealand, Haiti and the USA. The biggest lesson I learned is that birth, anywhere it happens, is a normal, physiologic process.

AOG: What specific areas in women’s health are near and dear to your heart?

Padi:: Breast health is important to me. I intend to train as a lactation consultant so that I can better serve my breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding is an area of great public health interest, and is closely tied to lifelong health for both mothers and infants. On a related note, both my mother and my paternal grandmother have survived breast cancer. Prevention, screening and breast self-awareness are important for all women. Breasts, literally and figuratively, are near and dear to my heart.

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