Adolescent Gynecology

First Exam

Every woman knows that the first gynecologic exam will always color her future experiences. We are sensitive to the anxiety of a first exam and have many different techniques to help your first exam be more comfortable.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Many young women have questions regarding sexually related diseases. We will provide you with the most accurate information, confidentially.


When women are not ready to conceive, we are here to offer you options to protect yourself from pregnancy. There are more methods now than there were ten years ago. Please let us know how we can help!

HPV Vaccines

A generation ago, there was no way to vaccinate against a cancer causing agent. Now there is. Let us tell you more.

Irregular Periods

It is not unusual to have irregular periods at the beginning of your menstruating years. Some can be normal variations and others can be a result of a hormonal imbalance. We can help you distinguish the difference.