Obstetrics & Gynecology

Preconception Counseling

A healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy mother. We can help screen for inherited diseases and optimize your pre-existing conditions. Some medications may need to be changed to one that will safer for a pregnancy.

Irregular Periods

Irregular cycles in our 20’s are usually abnormal. We can help you diagnose and then treat the underlying problem.


If your attempts to conceive have been unsuccessful, we can help. We have ultrasound capability in our office and Xray service in the same building to help us determine the reason for your infertility.

Well Women Exams

Annual exams are more than pap smears these days. We can discuss with you the ability to test for high-risk HPV from pap smears as well as other preventive screening tests such as mammograms at the appropriate age.


For those women who are not ready to conceive, there are a variety of different medications and methods that are very effective. We would like to discuss these with you.

Obstetrical Care

We will help take care of you and your baby throughout these happy months. Sometimes, pregnancy may be difficult due to other medical conditions, and we are able to take on those challenges.

OB Ultrasound

Even before your baby arrives, you can see pictures of your little one with our ultrasound! And our ultrasound technician is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Post Natal Care

Caring for a new baby is challenging in so many ways. We like to see our patients 6 weeks after delivery.